Solving Your Asbestos problems Blackpool

Asbestos is a serious hazard when the elements are disturbed. Make sure you ask professional help for your asbestos problem. Asbestos Removal Blackpool is a proffesional licensed asbestos contractor team who has over 20 years experience in the field.

Asbestos is a very carcinogen silicate mineral. Actually asbestos is a commercial nam eof this fibrous crystal. Asbestos was used in the ancient times also. People discovered its amazing qualities. Asbestos is heat resistant, water resistant, does not conduct electricity.

Where asbestos was used? – Asbestos was used in the housing industry and commercial side plus in the shipping industry and the military.

What asbestos items can be found in a domestic home? – There are many types of asbestos materials exist in older domestioc homes. You can find asbestos in the walls, in the loft, the part of the ceiling and painting as Artex. Even behing the fireplace and fire exits.

How much to remove asbestos?

Asbestos Removal can be a quick process, although safety is first. When we don’t know anything about the current project, the first step of athe asbesto sremoval is actually an asbestos survey.

An extensive asbestos survey properly shows the type, the quality, the condition, and the location of asbestos in the homes and other inspected properties. Domestic asbestos surveys starting at 50£ which is the minimal price. The average asbestos survey price in the UK is around 160£. Asbestos experts get a picture of the type of asbestos containing material whether is a dangerous friable asbestos (Artex, sprayed coating asbestos insulation, or AIB – asbesto sinsulation board) or a less harmful bonded asbestos which ususally appears in asbesto scement form, like asbestos water tank or asbestos cement sheet, roof sheet.

Asbestos removal (bonded) is fairly easy to calculate, based on the size of the unwanted elements. Universal price range is between 18-22£/ square metre. It means if you need to have your single garage roof removed, it cost around 350£ + VAT. Single garage is a standard size, so it is easy to imagine for everyone how costly it can be to remove asbestos from homes.

Asbestos removal services usually contains the asbestos waste disposal also. (disposing asbestos is already a costly service itself) So If a homeowner decides to remove